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As bk Logistics, we are strengthening our position in our sector day by day with our transportation activities that are fully tailored to customer needs. Our transportation service to Azerbaijan is one of our most important services. Our company, which strives to provide you with the most appropriate solutions individually and institutionally, besides the services it offers, supports you not only in cost issues but also in a comprehensive service, reliability, flexibility, transparency, open communication and expert advice.

Our Bk Azerbaijan transport department works in an internationally focused and constantly growing network with years of experience. On behalf of you and your corporate identity, you will be pleased with the international transportation service you have received with the knowledgeable and experienced staff of international shipping.

Our range of transportation services to Azerbaijan;

  • Partial,
  • Transportation,
  • Dangerous Goods Transport,
  • Fast and Special Shipping,
  • Project Execution Shipping,
  • Transportation of Fair Materials,
  • DDP Posts.
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