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Shipping to Germany

The transport system in Germany is not as easy as in Turkey. The transport system in Germany works in a very planned way. In order to be able to transport in Germany, you must have a place as a priority. In addition, the transportation system works on an appointment basis. You must be there at the appointment date and time. For this reason, companies engaged in transportation and transportation business in Germany are experts in their business. They provide customer satisfaction by performing the transportation process in the best way.

How to Shipping to Germany?

If you want to get a good service for transport in Germany, it is important to work with good companies. Since shipping to Germany is an international transaction, the shipping process is quite extensive. As it is known in transportation and transportation, the goods or products are packaged and packaged appropriately. It is important in transportation that the goods are placed in the vehicles and delivered to the desired place properly. It is the joint responsibility of you and the company that your belongings are not damaged during the transportation and transportation process. In Germany, you will not have any problems because the transportation process is done by experts.

What is Partial Transportation in Germany and How Is It Done?

Germany always comes first among the countries to which Turkey exports the most. Germany's partial transportation is also included in export transportation. Companies engaged in partial transportation in Germany have certain road routes. These roads are in Turkey; These are central cities such as Kayseri, Mersin, Gaziantep and Istanbul. In Germany, these roads are metropolitan cities such as Munich, Berlin, Hannover, Wolfsburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt. Thus, partial transportation service is provided by the companies.


Who Are The Companies That Ship To Germany?

There are many transport companies that transport to Germany. The companies that transport to Germany are as follows;

These are the companies that ship to Germany. Germany transport Germany transport companies are highly professional in their business. Most of them are companies of German origin.


How is Germany Turkey Transport System?

The most important business between Turkey and Germany is the shipping process. Many companies cooperate on shipping and transportation. Germany Turkey transport process takes an average of 15 days. There are some rules that people who will make the transfer between Turkey and Germany should know. These;

1- The person who will carry out the transportation process should prepare the necessary documents.

2- He must have a residence in the country to be transported, that is, a house he has kept.

3- Transportation and shipping processes take an average of 15 days between the two countries.

4- The shipping fee varies according to the area of the goods in cubic meters and the distance of the country they go to. The average price that will be given to you is 110 euro per cubic meter.

5- Loading, unloading and packaging operations are not included in the transportation price. It is useful to agree to carry this knowingly.

6- Your goods enter and leave the customs within the scope of personal goods. Transportation companies do the necessary procedures for this.

7- You should not forget that you can make a contract by guaranteeing your belongings during the transportation process to Germany .


How Are Truck Transport Processes Made in Germany?

In particular, there is a Germany truck transport application to all countries and Turkey . Firms manage the process by controlling the truck transportation operations. Truck transport is carried out for each selected route. All these services we provide are focused on quality and customer satisfaction. Every work done is within the framework of the rules and is done on selected routes. In addition, the transportation services we provide can be monitored and tracked at any time thanks to satellite imagery. Our shipping company is environment and traffic friendly.


How Much Are Truck Transport Prices in Germany on Average?

Shipping companies in Germany usually determine their prices according to the cargo they carry and the distance they will travel. Germany truck transport prices may vary according to the companies. It is possible to say that the price of each city is different, as the prices vary according to the cities where transportation is made. For example, the price between Germany / Cologne - Istanbul is 4200 euros. Between Germany / Stuttgart - Istanbul, it has a price of 1000 euros. If we give an average value to the prices, we can say that it is between 1000 euros and 4500 euros.


How to do shipping from Turkey to Germany?

There are many companies in Turkey that do shipping and handling business in Germany. These companies are international companies. Companies that transport from Turkey to Germany generally provide insurance and guaranteed transportation. It represents companies that have representatives all over Turkey. Companies that will transport from Turkey to Germany must have internationally valid vehicles and equipment. For this reason, all of the companies that carry out transportation and shipping business work as an institution. Most of them have a website for you to review the shipping companies.


What are the Shipping Stages from Turkey to Germany?

All necessary permits must be obtained in order to carry out transportation and transportation. Thus, waste of time at customs and border gates is prevented. First of all, the goods must be packaged in an orderly manner for the transportation process. Items should be packed with disposable and sturdy packaging material. Electronic goods and glassware are made according to separate transport and packaging rules. It is important that the vehicles are of the appropriate size and that the items are not stacked on top of each other. Our chauffeurs are very experienced during the transportation phase. They have all the necessary documents.


How to do Customs Procedures between Turkey and Germany?

If the necessary contracts and documents are declared, all customs procedures are carried out by the companies. Necessary documents for customs procedures are completed. In addition, necessary actions must be taken to pass through the border gate. Companies have suitable vehicles for transportation. At the same time, every transaction is legal. Since the employees are experts in their work, you will not have any problems in customs and transportation.


How about Germany Iraq Shipping?

Germany is a country that does international shipping business. Among these countries, it comes from Iraq. Germany-Iraq transport is carried out as transit and transit. Germany - Iraq route is a very busy transport branch. At the same time, the Germany - Iraq line is quite suitable for partial transportation. In the name of transportation, the line between these two countries is intense. The transportation and transportation agreements between them are updated frequently.


How to do Germany Iraq Shipping?

There are some rules in the transportation and transportation process between Germany and Iraq. All kinds of dry cargo weighing up to 24 tons are transported to standard tarpaulin vehicles. In addition, cargo groups such as fresh vegetables and fruits and chemical substances are also transported. Companies have the necessary documents for all kinds of cargo they carry. The weight and size of each are carried within the framework of the rules. There are no problems with the truck carnet and insurance guarantee during the transportation process. Germany and Iraq transport operations are carried out on the basis of quality and development.


Who are the Turkish Logistics Companies in Germany?

There are many Turkish origin logistics companies in Germany as in Turkey. Turkish logistics companies in Germany are highly professional companies in their business. Turkish companies also employ experts in their fields. They have all the necessary equipment in terms of logistics. If we give a few examples of these companies;

What are the points to be taken into account by the companies shipping to Germany?

There are some requirements to be able to exit the country. It is obligatory for the transport companies to have a C2 or a certificate of authorization suitable for international transport services. The drivers are responsible for fulfilling the visa procedures and health-related rules. Vehicles must be well maintained. Companies that do not have a truck-specific carnet cannot offer land transport services to this country. You have to prepare all the documents related to the cargo to be transported. The loading and customs procedures of the vehicle are carried out in accordance with customs clearance laws and laws. The vehicle is prepared for departure.

If you want to transit through the designated routes or if you have to, you have to do some actions. For example, you need to complete the documents required by these countries.


What Are Our Germany Transport Solutions?

In the German transportation system, there are solutions as a result of the decisions taken by the companies. These solutions are as follows;

1- Import cargo transportation from Germany

2- Export freight transportation from Turkey to Germany

3- Partial transportation from Turkey to Germany

4- Door to door cargo delivery from Turkey to Germany

5- Germany out-of-gauge, project and heavy cargo transportation

6- Operation support in Germany transport works

7- Road truck vehicle tracking in Germany transport transactions

8- Freight transportation with Germany ADR

9- Transit 3rd Country Freight Transportation from Germany

10- Special CMR Insurance for German Transport

11- We have airway transportation solutions.


Is it compulsory to work with the company while moving from Turkey to Germany?

It is impossible to transport goods from Turkey to Germany without working with a transport company. Moving goods does not consist of a single process. This process consists of many different steps such as packaging, loading, transportation, customs clearance, storage. Since these difficult processes cannot be overcome individually, the support of the transportation company is mandatory. That is why there are so many transport and shipping companies.


The transportation route between Turkey and Germany is as follows;

1- Turkey - Bulgaria - Serbia - Croatia - Slovenia - Austria - Germany.

Of course, we are not talking about this road as the only route. Apart from this route, the following routes can also be preferred for Turkey-Germany journeys:

2- Turkey – Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Czech Republic – Austria – Germany

3- Turkey – Greece – Macedonia – Serbia – Hungary – Czech Republic – Austria – Germany.

4- Turkey – Greece – Macedonia – Serbia – Croatia – Slovenia – Austria – Germany.


How to Determine Turkey Germany Transportation Arrival Route?

Germany is a central European country. For this reason, commercial and cultural activities between Turkey and Germany are quite high. Road routes for Turkey-Germany transportation are quite developed. It takes about 31 hours from Turkey to Germany by road. After passing through European countries, he first arrives in Edirne in Turkey. The average distance between Germany and Edirne is 20 hours. The route is listed as follows. As the road between the two countries has developed, transportation has also developed.


General Information About the UK International Transport Company

It is an international transport company of German origin. It is a company with 15 years of working experience. It is a company with a fleet and sufficient financial strength in Turkey and Germany. It is a transportation company that provides the best service with its equipped personnel and its institutionalism is at the forefront. The aim of the company is to provide customer satisfaction by making long-term studies. It is a company that provides services by complying with German and Turkish international transportation rules.


BK Transport Company How is the German Transport System?

As Bk Logistics, it is a company that provides services entirely for customer needs. Our transportation service to Germany is one of our most important services. The company works solution-oriented so that customers do not experience problems. BK shipping company is very sensitive about issues such as reliability, flexibility, transparency, open communication. As a BK Germany transport company, it works in a wide network area. The transportation system is developing day by day and carries itself forward.


What is the Service Range of BK Nakliyat to Germany?

1- Partial Transportation and Shipping Business,

2- Transportation and Freight Forwarding,

3- Transporting Dangerous Goods,

4- Fast and Special Shipping Service,

5- Project Execution Transport Service,

6- Transportation of Fair Materials,

7- It has a wide range of work, including DDP Shipments.


What is our UK International Transport Service Range?

1- Flexible International Shipping solutions,

2- Transportation works by truck, railway, ship or plane,

3- Transportation of hanging textile materials by special vehicles,

4- Carrying full or partial loads,

5- Transport of dangerous goods,

6- Transportation of heavy loads,

7- Transportation of your fast and special shipments,

8- Project execution works,

9- Full service and transportation of exhibition materials

10- We have service areas such as DDP shipments.


What are the stages of transportation in BK Transport Company?

International transportation and shipping companies have stages of transportation. These stages are as follows;


1- First meeting with the company,

2- Goods appraisal and pricing,

3- Preparation of necessary documents (delegation of authority),

4- Packing and transportation is done.

5- Transportation is done by expert drivers.

6- Handling and shipping must be done on the same day. While the maximum duration of the transportation is 15 days, the transportation work is completed in 6 days under the best conditions.

7- Some transport and shipping companies install disassembled products. The installation phase is included in the price in some companies. Installation and assembly companies may be more advantageous for you.

8- Transportation and shipping process is completed and delivery is provided.


General Information About Germany Freight Forwarding Services

Transportation, transportation and logistics operations between Germany and Turkey are highly developed. The companies that do this work are done by companies with all kinds of equipment that are experts in their field. Since the companies that will do the shipping services have business-related information, no customer is victimized. In order to serve their customers in the best way, companies are personally interested in every transaction and document. It prevents you from losing money and time. Shipping companies are extremely reliable and fast.


What are the Works Performed within the scope of Germany Transport Services?

Many jobs are carried out within the scope of transport services in Germany. These jobs are included in companies such as the following. Works;


1- Door to Door Transport System,

2- Complete and Regular Partial Loading Application,

3- Fair and Project Uploads

4- Germany Storage Services

5- Germany Domestic Transport Services

6- Germany Customs Clearance Services

7- Germany Trade Consultancy Transactions

8- Germany Turkey Transport Operations,

9- Germany Turkey Truck Transport Operations,

10- Turkey Germany Transport Operations,

11- Wide Fleet Support Transactions

12- Maximum Benefit Support Transactions.


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