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bk Logistics International Forwarding, 100% quality service guarantee in International Transport and Logistics provider with experience of 30 Years.

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We work with our professional team to offer our customers the best price and to decide best transport way for their goods .If you wish , we can offer you free of cost our Offer and Support Service.

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Professional transport in Europe - Iran
Super express shipping service with minivan vehicle filo
Special transport service for your oversize cargo

Thanks to years of experience, we know on which route in Europe, the Middle East, how faster we can work and how we can quickly complete customs clearance in the Middle East. Logistics see more Europe + Turkey + Iran + Medium + from Greece where both partial and complete + project is a shipping forwarder agency specializing in transportation. bk Logistics, Europe + Turkey + Iran + Middle East + from Greece where both partial and complete + project is a shipping forwarder agency specializing in transportation.

Truck Transport Services

Based on an extensive market experience, we offer our customers the best individual and corporate solutions in the markets of TURKEY, THE MIDDLE EAST, and, in particular IRAQ. In addition to the services we offer, we attach great importance not only to the cost aspects but also the concepts of extensive services, flexibility, transparency, open communication and specialists’ advice.

Our activities carried out within the organization of at bk International Shipping are addressed to the requirements of our customers. Based on an experience of years, we operate in an international-focused network that is continuously enlarging. Please be reassured that you will be satisfied for your company and for yourself with the international shipping service you will receive from the knowledgeable and experienced personnel of bk Logistics international shipping.

Azerbaijan Transport Services

As bk Logistics, we are strengthening our position in our sector day by day with our transportation activities that are fully tailored to customer needs. Our transportation service to Azerbaijan is one of our most important services. Our company, which strives to provide you with the most appropriate solutions individually and institutionally, besides the services it offers, supports you not only in cost issues but also in a comprehensive service, reliability, flexibility, transparency, open communication and expert advice.

Our Bk Azerbaijan transport department works in an internationally focused and constantly growing network with years of experience. On behalf of you and your corporate identity, you will be pleased with the international transportation service you have received with the knowledgeable and experienced staff of international shipping.

Our range of transportation services to Azerbaijan;

  • Partial,
  • Transportation,
  • Dangerous Goods Transport,
  • Fast and Special Shipping,
  • Project Execution Shipping,
  • Transportation of Fair Materials,
  • DDP Posts.
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