Warehousing Services

bk International Shipping offers you quality warehousing services through its bonded and unbonded warehouses located in Germany, Turkey and Iran.

Warehousing Services We Offer Loading/ Unloading; loading and unloading at a minimum period of time

Warehousing; storing the products under appropriate conditions considering their characteristics; electronically following up the entire inventory management systems from the day they put into the warehouse to the day they are shipped.

Inventory Control; physical inventory that takes place weekly or monthly depending on the requirements of our customers; stock tracking and shipments by lots, batches or on FIFO basis according to the respective demands; Handling; Product Assembly, Packaging, Labelling, Palletization, Shipment

Preparation; making the materials ready for shipment according to the requirements of our customers; Interior distribution; distribution throughout Turkey whether on parcels or pallets.

  • Strong and enduring
  • Shipment in an amount of your choice
  • Unique shipping quality
  • At our bonded or unbonded warehouses capable of fulfilling any optimal storage order without any problem and delivering you a tracking report, where premium products are employed, we store your products and deliver them without causing any problem if the necessary official procedures have been fulfilled.