Project Management

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bk International Shipping Project Management is a system running mutually with your company, through which our personnel with extensive engineering knowledge carry out the phases of certificates, equipment, licenses and certifications during and after the shipment including the transportation of your goods to be imported or exported.

Feasibility Studies; we start working on your project through our experts while your specialists carry out pre-feasibility study to obtain a business or submit a bid for a tender and, calculate the budget you need to allocate for the logistics for your project.

Project Planning; we book our vehicles and equipment identified for your materials that need to be carried in accordance with your project at the stage of planning your business months, even years in advance and, deliver them to your services on the day and at the time we have set.

Completion Process; we work in such a manner that makes you feel that we are in the same team from the bidding stage for a project to the stage of planning and implementation of the project. We act as sensitively as you are and, share the same proud and happiness with you at the final process.