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Based on an extensive market experience, we offer our customers the best individual and corporate solutions in the lines of EUROPE-TURKEY and EUROPE-THE MIDDLE EAST, in particular for the IRANIAN-IRAQI market.

In addition to the services we offer, we attach great importance not only to the cost aspects but also the concepts of extensive services, flexibility, transparency, open communication and specialists’ advice.

Shipping Services

bk logistics standorte Our branch offices in Germany and Turkey offer international warehousing services in addition to agency services, please feel free to take a closer look at our international shipping services...


Branch Offices

bk logistics standorte We provide our esteemed customers with international services through multi-language agency services in many countries through our branch offices in Tehran, Iran and, Munich, Germany in addition to those located in Adana, Ankara, Mersin, Istanbul and İzmir...


Project Management

bk logistics spezial transporte Our personnel with an extensive level of engineering knowledge are at your service for the documents, equipment, licensing and certification processes during and after the stage of shipments including the shipment of your products to be imported or exported…


Iran Transport

bk logistics iran-transport Thanks to years of experience, we know on which route in Europe, the Middle East, how faster we can work and how we can quickly complete customs clearance in the Middle East. Logistics see more Europe + Turkey + Iran + Medium + from Greece where both partial and complete + project...

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